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Jan 3, 2013 8:00pm EST
[applause] >> thank you. my presentation today is about the mars exploration rovers with robotic laboratories that began operating eight years ago on mars. one of which took several years to explore mars today and is as most of you know i am sure, curiosity i know they're rover landed just a few weeks ago and i will have a few words to say about that at the end of my presentation. my story is about how people relate to these robotic systems. the mars exploration rover mission also known as mer challenge is how we usually think about the role of robots in space exploration. it provides a new way of understanding how computer tools and a proper social operation can be orchestrated to extend human capabilities. whether flying by beautiful blue neptune like voyager in the 1970s, orbiting saturn like you see today, or roving mars, like mer. the spacecraft must be computer controlled the cut is the communication time delay at the. >> light and their great distance makes it impractical to control them directly from earth. weekend joystick a rover on the earth's moon. it takes about 1.5
Jan 15, 2013 2:00pm PST
>> breed present, campos present, chiu present. cohen present, farrell present, kim present. mar absent. wiener present. yee present. the president you have a quorum. >> i would like to welcome our new supervisors. could you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. we pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands. indivisible, one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all. colleagues we have our number twentieth, december 4, december 11 minutes. those minutes are approved. madam clerk are there any communications? >> no communications. >> -- mr. mayor. >> good afternoon supervisors and of course members are constituents of san francisco welcome to our chambers. i want to congratulate the new supervisors as well and look forward to working with everybody four 2013. was good work. questions please. >> welcome mayor lee. i want to get some of your thoughts around healthcare cost overall. question today, rising healthcare costs accumulating with fiscal liabilities represent significant challenge. >> our obligat
Jan 30, 2013 2:00pm PST
. supervisor mar, mar present. supervisor wiener, wiener present. and supervisor yee.y present. mr. president all members are present. >> thank you could you please join us in the problem of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] i pledge allegiance to the flag, of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. madame clerk are there any communications. >>> there are no communications mr. president. >> and could you read read our consent genta. items one-18 are considered routine and if a member objects a an item may be ri moved and considered separately. >> colleagues would anyone like to sever any of these items, camp poes aye. supervisor chu, sprfer cohen, aye? a. supervisor farrell, aye, supervisor kim? , kim aye, supervisor mar, mar aye, supervisor wiener aye. supervisor ayey. there are answer aye's. those ordinances are finally passed thosances are adoptedded and approved. madame clerk please read items 19-21. item 19 is affirming the certification of the final environme
Jan 15, 2013 9:30pm PST
. >> supervisor kim: i'm glad that supervisor mar mentioned it. i want to congratulate san francisco unified school district for passing its annual financial audit % which it always does % but for the first time ever passing without any findings. it was reported in the examiner. the auditors themselves said they had never seen a government agency past without any findings. the fact that the school district is marking every "i" and crossing every "t" -- i want to thank the superintendents. it is the highest performing urban school district. the leadership and work of many dedicated teachers and educators in that agency, in an agency very committed to closing that achievement gap because despite of having the top performer school district we also have the widest achievement gap. only in the last year we have seen a steady decrease in the gap and for me the investment is going to further decrease the gap. i am sorry i not mention the members of the committee, advocates, members of the san francisco parent -- college track, booker t. washington, -a -for your many months of work on this issue. th
Jan 24, 2013 5:30pm EST
lobo. ♪ parecen los ancianos cascarrabias del mar. para darles un buen vistazo necesitamos sacarlos de su madriguera. unos mejillones selectos los tentarán. esos labios de cascarrabias tienen piel reforzada, al frente de su boca los dientes como clavijas atrapan como prensa, en el fondo los enormes molares pueden aplastar cangrejos y muelen espinas de erizo de mar. ♪ [música de suspenso] ♪ su apariencia desagradable es clave de su supervivencia, el pez lobo es el cascanueces natural de la langosta. ♪ pero estas maravillosas anguilas no están cerca de ser los peces más feos del mar, entre más profundo se aventure en los océanos más extraña se vuelve la vida. el mar profundo es el hábitat más grande menos explorado de la tierra y hacia allá vamos. ♪ a 180 metros nos aventuramos a un mundo nuevo, algunas extraordinarias criaturas evolucionaron para vivir aquí: tenóforos, mariposas de mar y calamares fantasmales. ♪ a 900 metros 90% de las criaturas producen su propia luz, estas medusas titilantes pueden atraer a los crueles depredadores de la profundidad. este cal
Jan 20, 2013 7:30pm PST
to move support for the amendment and for the amended resolution as well. >> supervisor mar is maybe amendment. is their second? >> supervisor farrell. we can take them without objection roll call. >> supervisor chiu: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye mke aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> president: the resolutions adopted as amended and if we could go back to the balance of the consent agenda, items 2-11. same house, same call. resolutions are adopted, ordinances passed. can you call item 12. >> (from agenda) >> president: supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: we are coming to near and on discussion around the supplemental appropriation and i wanted to take a moment to fact my cosponsors, supervisors campos, mar and avalos, and also supervisors cohen and chiu for your support. this is a long-standing conversation that i've engaged with -- since july of last year. large cuts that have happened to the school district. since 2007-08 school year the school district has lost 146 million. last y
Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
animales más extaños del mar. el tiburón martillo. cada año realizan una gran reunión aquí y si la tormenta local lo permite voy a quedarme y unirme a la fiesta. pero primero tendré que escapar de estos amigos. ♪ son lindos, ¿no? ♪ (ian narrando) de todos los tiburones el más extraño debe ser el martillo. con esos ojos tan separados es una criatura que no querrán encontrarse en un sueño y menos en un paseo por el océano. pero no se preocupen, normalmente son difíciles de encontrar. pasan la mayor parte del tiempo mar adentro pero ocasionalmente estos tiburones forman grandes cardúmenes. exactamente cómo lo hacen y dónde realizan sus reuniones submarinas es un misterio. me sentiré afortunado de ver ese increíble encuentro. ♪ esto es la paz, un puerto de 400 años en el mar de cortés en méxico. ♪ los habitantes dea paz, solían depender mucho de la industria pesquera. pero hoy en día es difícil competir con los barcos modernos de otros puertos. el mar de cortés no sólo alberga a una saludable población de peces, también hay muchos tiburones. ahora voy a una monta
Jan 29, 2013 6:33pm PST
, sprfer cohen, aye? a. supervisor farrell, aye, supervisor kim? , kim aye, supervisor mar, mar aye, supervisor wiener aye. supervisor ayey. there are answer aye's. those ordinances are finally passed thosances are adoptedded and approved. madame clerk please read items 19-21. item 19 is affirming the certification of the final environmentle impact report for the california pacific medical center plan and item 20 is reversing the motion certification and item 21 is recertificationing the preparation of the findings. >> while the conversation have been productive, the work ask not yet done i would like to ask for a motion to continue this item to the 21st of martian, moved by supervisor camp pose and seconded by supervisor farrell. these items will be continued to march. >> item 22 is aance amending the health and transportation codes to prohibit smoking at certain out door events on property owned by the city and establishing the obligations to notify the public that the event is smoke-free. >> colleagues can we get same house same call. without objection this item is pass
Jan 20, 2013 8:00pm PST
. >> president: same house same call this resolution is adopted. item 19. supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: i wanted to thank my co-author supervisor avalos, but especially breathe california in a coalition of tobacco free and health advocates. in 2012 they were 250 street festivals and fairs in san francisco from carnavals to the chinese year. all of these events attract smokers. this is an important ordinance that will make sure that we have more smoke-free festivals and events. exposure to secondhand smoke kills about 3000, non-smokers from lung cancers and 46,000 non-smokers of heart disease in the u.s. also individuals with asthma and other respiratory illnesses that is why such a strong coalition including young people from sf state to the asthma task force and the coalition working to make sure we have more smoke-free places in san francisco. research shows that exposure to second-hand home outdoors is just as bad as endorsed. this is the first city to have an ordinance about smoke-free festivals. there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand spoke, several studies show th
Jan 10, 2013 11:35pm EST
and chris paul. and music from bruno mars. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ and now, seriously, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us here in hollywood. welcome. today is an important day. today, january 10th, was officially the last day you're allowed to say happy new year without getting punched in the stomach. i think it's also the last time i'm allowed to mention that we have a new time slot. we're now on at 11:35, most of the country. 10:35 central, which is 25 minutes earlier than we used to be on. i know 25 doesn't seem like a lot of minutes, until you realize that over the last 25 minutes, taylor swift has dated and broken up with nine different men. [ laughter ] [ applause ] thank you. i like being on earlier. i have to say i'm enjoying being able to get home earlier and spend more time with my cats. [ laughter ] it's out of the question that i would have them, right? i wonder why that is. we have another fun show for you tonight. bruno mars is with us on the show. [
Jan 2, 2013 7:00pm EST
(narrador) estalla una plataforma petrolera en el mar del norte, atrapando a más de 200 trabajadores. ¿qué cedió para causar uno de los peores desastres industriales de la historia? después: en iowa, pende la vida de tres mujeres cuando un paseo vespertino de placer se convierte en pesadilla. (hombre) por dios, se están hundiendo. (narrador) y un helicóptero en hawái gira fuera de control atrapando a su piloto, sin advertencia. ♪ [música de acción] ♪ [locutor] "¿qué sucedió?" ♪ rador) a 190 kilómetros de tierra, una enorme plataforma petrolera está en llamas, cientos de hombres están atrapados luchando por escapar de ese infierno. los helicópteros de rescate no pueden ir en su ayuda porque el humo negro y espeso cubre el helicóptero de la plataforma petrolífera. la situación se está saliendo de control, esta crisis está por convertirse en uno de los peores desastres de la historia industrial. ♪ el mar del norte, rico en petróleo, está siendo minado por una de las tecnologías más impresionante del siglo xx: las plataformas costeras de perf
Jan 9, 2013 5:30am PST
of a simulated mission to mars experiments are being revealed. findings suggest not all astronauts would have the right qualities to be able to cope on a real interplanetary missions. >> 520 days cut off from the outside world. in a space mission that went up celaeno where perry in 2010, of the crew of mars 500 entered what could only be described as another reality. one that measure did just a few meters wide. the aim -- to stimulate what -- is -- simulate what it would be like to carry out a trip to mars. the team were confined to a tiny capsule. no windows, and the crew had to endure recycled air and dehydrated food. mars is millions of kilometers from the earth. but the would-be astronauts were never very far from the scientists monitoring them in a moscow hangar. they even carried out in space work in a sand pit. what was impossible, though, was to mock up the weightlessness they would experience on a real journey into space. a mission to mars is still decades away, and scientists will have to design a spacecraft that could endure such a long journey. but the experiment was trying to fin
Jan 14, 2013 3:00pm PST
with recently elected district 1 colleague supervisor eric mar. (applause) >> supervisor mar: thank you everyone. i want to thank the mayor for being here as well and all the department heads that do the heavy lifting in our neighbors. happy new year. it is the year of the snake coming up for the chinese calendar. we have an incredible board of supervisors, the 11 of us. some of the most incredibly experienced, community rooted activists. an incredibly diverse body, the most diverse in the city's history, two african-americans; two chicano latinos. i think our diversity expands too much broader than ethnicity; the 11 of us are present 11 people here, tremendous significant community and cultural experience. my colleague norman yee, to london breed, working with families and cultural equity in our neighborhoods. i am proud to be serving with our two new members. my family is with me today, i am the happiest person maybe on this earth; i am beaming because my daughter jane mar has taken time to be away from her middle school to be hearing thank you to my mother for raising me and my
Jan 14, 2013 8:30pm PST
. >> chiu fo chiu. >> >> supervisor cohen: chiu. >> >> supervisor kim: >> kim for chiu. >> mar for chiu. >> yee for chiu. >> congratulations mr. president. you are the board president. (applause) >> could we call the next agenda item? >> at this time, it is time for you to provide brief remarks. >> president: it is time for our mayor to provide brief remarks. let me take the opportunity to introduce many members of the mayor's team who are here. i want to recognize our chiefs, police chief greg surr [sounds like], fire chief -- chief of probation bill -- city administrator, nta director, head of rec department. our port director. our director of dbi. office of civic engagement, immigrant affairs. i believe i saw the mayor's chief of staff. i want to thank our city controller ben rosenfield. i want to thank our citywide elected officials, city attorney dennis guerrera, city treasurer, public defender, sheriff. we have a number of former members of this body who are here. i want to take a moment to welcome back of the chamber former board of supervisors conroy, silver, i know i s
Jan 15, 2013 10:30pm PST
>> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> president: motion approved. tentative map is approved. let's go back to item 20. >> can we do this same house same call. , ordinance passed first reading . item 21. >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: this is an exciting item to landmark twin peaks tavern, on castor street. an exciting day for the castro and lgbt community. the bar has recently celebrated its fortieth anniversary. twin peaks was the first gay bar to be open and visible from the street in terms of windows where you could see inside the bar. that was a huge step. and a coming up for our community for so many years gay bars have been hidden away so you cannot see inside. it was very secretive. as our community cannot, twin peaks helped lead the way by having a bar. you could see who was inside. it welcomes all ages. we have a continuing challenge in the lgbt community of celebrating youth to the point that sometimes older lgbt people don't feel welcome in the community. in twin peaks you see yo
Jan 30, 2013 11:00am PST
pacific islanders. >> okay, thank you very much. >> sure. >> supervisor mar? >> i'd like to open up to public comment. there are any members of the public that would wish to comment on items numbers 1 or 2. seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor mar. * >> i wanted to ask dr. sanchez, i know there is a very broad and strong help b free coalition and within the baby boomer population, which i'm a part as well * , i'm just wondering is there a similar coalition that works on hep b as well? >> yes, there is a hepatitis c task force that was convened by the previous mayor and we meet and try to appropriately target those high-risk population, the iv drug user and african-american population. >> thank you. colleagues, any other questions? i'd like to make a motion to modxv items 1 and 2 to the full board with recommendation. without opposition, so moved. mr. clerk, can you please call items number 3 and 4 together? >> item number 3, resolution authorizing the recreation and park department to retroactively accept and expend a nature education facilities grant from the californi
Jan 10, 2013 11:35pm PST
them, right? i wonder why that is. we have another fun show for you tonight. bruno mars is with us on the show. [ applause ] also here, from the los angeles clippers, blake griffin and chris paul are here. [ cheers and applause ] the clippers right now have the best record in the nba. it's unbelievable. meanwhile, the lakers last night lost to air bud, i think. [ laughter ] and also joining us on the show tonight, dr. oz is here. [ cheers and applause ] and, dr. oz brought vicodin for everyone! [ cheers and applause ] we would never do something like that. but dr. oz is going to give me a sonogram tonight. that way i know if i'm having a boy or a girl. why do i need a sonogram if i'm not pregnant? >> check your vital organs. >> jimmy: oh, i didn't even know i had those. good. maybe he'll give me some terrible news in front of everyone. the last time dr. oz was here -- maybe this was the time before. anyway, he did this. >> jimmy: oh no, are you really going to examine my testicles? oddly enough, blake griffin and chris paul did that to me the last time they were here. remember what
Jan 10, 2013 4:00am PST
, chairman mar for authoring this legislation and for all your work around second hand smoke issues. i'm very supportive of this legislation. we need to have public places where everyone is able to use those places and you don't have some people doing things that make it harder for other people to be there. i think this moves us in that direction. i do have one question for the city attorney, i think the answer is yes but i want to make sure. my reading of the definition of outdoor event, i think would include parklets and i'm curious to know if the city attorney is in agreement. >> deputy city attorney john gibner again. yes, the definition of outdoor event would include parklets. >> even if the parklet is there 24/7? >> right, the park must be approved by the director of transportation under article 6, yes. >> thank you, that's a very good thing. i know there's been a little bit of ambiguity about whether parklets, whether it's already prohibited to smoke in parklets. they tend to have, some of them have signs saying no -- i think it's -- some of them already have signs saying
Jan 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
cielos y la tierra, el día y la noche, la tierra y el mar. y entonces, en el cuarto día dios creó al primer animal, el más poderoso de todos: una ballena. ♪ resulta poco sorprendente que la gente se haya impresionado con las ballenas desde el principio de los tiempos, son muy grandes y muy poderosas. ♪ las ballenas han servido de inspiración para mucha gente, además de los escritores de la biblia. [locutor] nunca antes se lo habían imaginado, y mucho menos visto. ♪ [hombre hablando en inglés] ♪ [hablando en inglés] ♪ [cristal quebrándose] ¡prish! ♪ (narrador) en ese entonces, el capitán ahab no luchaba contra un gigante amable, si cona un gran monstruo. ¿por qué creen que en la biblia dice que la ballena fue el primer animal creado por dios? de acuerdo al profesor de estudios religiosos de la universidad de otago, greg dawes, los hebreos creían que la ballena era el monstruo más horripilante del mundo. todos los libros de historia dicen que incluso estas criaturas grandes y horripilantes a las cuales le tememos, fueron creadas por dios. aun así eran temidas
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm EST
mucha vida tanto como una planta. ¿y qué podemos pedir? si es un poquito, un pedacito de mar o de río. traído como un cuadro a nuestras casas. los peces, pueden ser mascotas muy interesantes. es bueno aprender mucho de ellos, nos muestran... mucho sobre sus características. sus formas de vida y los lugares donde ellos existen. acuarios hay de dos tipos: los hay de agua dulce como los hay de agua salada. el agua dulce es un poco más simple, fácil de armar. peces coloridos... eh... vienen... provienen de ríos o lagos. el agua salada es unas especies más amplias. tenemos todo tipo no solamente peces, cangrejitos, camarones. corales, anémonas, estrellitas de mar. peces muy comunes que se pueden colocar en el agua salada. son los payasitos de mar, ahora muy conocidos como nemo. tenemos también los cirujanos que nos vienen en colores azules, amarillos, eh... variedades de colores, mezclas de colores. también tenemos a las damiselas que también nos vienen en azules, rayados, negros, rojos, colores muy vibrantes que se pueden colocar en un acuario. las estrellas de mar también son
Jan 8, 2013 12:00pm PST
: present >> supervisor mar: present all members are present. >> chairman: could you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. we pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands. indivisible, one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all. >> going to the next agenda item, are there any communications? >> the first is a communication from the director of the department of elections or to certifying the official election of the order supervisors. districts 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. and have been declared elected to that office. supervisor: mar, chiu, breed, campos, avalos. the second communication is a communication from the controller renewing the certification of the bond for the newly elected in the elected members of the board of supervisors. >> we will now proceed to the oath of office. >> i would like to welcome and introduce the honorable cynthia ming-mei lee, presiding judge, supuerior court of california. who will administer the oath of office to the following individuals: david campos eric mar john avaols mys
Jan 9, 2013 10:00pm PST
? >> fer ill absent. >> mar? >> mar, present. >> kim, absent. >> olague. >> we are absolutely a quorum. >> and i did hear that commissioner cohen and commissioner weiner as well. if you could call item two. >> approval of minutes of the november 20, 2012 this is an action item. >> colleagues this is an action item, before we take action, i want to open it up to public comment, any people of the public who would like to speak on the minutes? seeing none, public comment is closed. if we could have the roll call. >> avos. >> aye. >> chiu >> aye. >> chu. >> aye. >> cohen. >> elsbernd? >> fer ill? >> aye. >> kim, absent. >> mar, olague? >> aye. weiner? >> aye. and item passes. >> thank you very much. item passes if you could call item number three. three, chair's report, information item. >> thank you very much. first of all i want to wish every one a happy holiday season. and i also want to acknowledge that today is a very significant day for many of us here at the county transportation authority for a couple of our commissioners it will be the last county transportation authority meeting,
Jan 10, 2013 4:30am PST
orbiting mars, and we are introduced to engineers who are hard at work on a new kind of rover. >> you can see a hopping and tumbling motion. >> this is early stimulation of a robot that could look like this, a ball covered in spikes. the professor at stanford called it a hedge hog that could explore mars' biggest moon which is about the size of san francisco bay and has almost no gravity. >> nasa mars rovers have wheels they may not work on this. >> if you tried a wheel system in low gravity you could flip it over and you could just completely lose control. >> rather than rolling, the students are making hedge hogs tumble and hop using spinning motors sealed inside. they have started with this two dimensional model of how it will work in gravity. >> i let it go and slowly it drifts back down. as if this were the ground. >> the next prototype is in three dimensions and researchers use a small model of the giant shipping crane at the port of oakland to stimulate microgravity on a miniature model. >> apply little force i can move this entire system. >> the partners at nasa are working on a f
Jan 2, 2013 2:00pm PST
supervisor mar for advocating for that. i think that's a great start. how many jobs did you say that would translate to? >> well, the commitments an annual job fair in the outer sunset and richmond. they are committed to having the two largest employers on the site, the two largest vending companies, the security company, and the beverage company who employ over 1200 patrons on-site, that they would work through that jobs fair to hire any available positions for the event. i do want to say i think the event has already employed many of the principles of local hire and planning the entertainment for this festival to have 26% of their own staff. we're based in san francisco. local 16 who actually the stagehands at the festival, over 36% of their staff are san francisco residents. but working with supervisor mar and through his leadership, we are hoping to increase those numbers as we move forward. >> did you say over 25% of the beverage and [speaker not understood] -- >> there is not a quota per se. there is rather a commitment to fill those positions through a hiring fair held in either the
Jan 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
want to thank you very much, supervisor mar, you are a great non-smoking champion and i want to thank you for supporting this legislation. thank you this legislation. thank you very much (brief pause in captioning). because that community smokes twice as much as the general population. the research shows the reason we smoke so much more is because of homo phobia. 90 percent of people start smoking before they are 18 years and it is during the teen years when queers face the toughest times. because of the added pressure faced by lgbt teens and the limited options they face, many more of us become smokers. add priet and many other community affairs we breathe a lot of second hand smoke. it is highly ironic that an event that is meant to celebrate freedom from homo phobia. how appropriate it would be for pride to openly recognize the connection between homo phobia and smoking by actively promoting pride as a smoke-free event. freedom from tobacco took a survey from pride attendees to determine how they felt about second hand smoke and although our questions were about outdoor ba
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 850 (some duplicates have been removed)